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Subject: Spouse's Forms Rare Case:

Hi everyone.

I have been an avid reader of this forum. And its really a big help for me. But i have some questions here if anyone could enlighten me please?

I finished my term as a caregiver here in Vancouver. I submitted my application for PR and sponsorship of my wife. My wife is working in South Africa, as computer programmer (temporary resident). We are both Asian.

I received a letter from Ghana though was "named" to my wife, it was addressed to me. The mail says the forms necessary, and requested documents. I will have to mail it to my wife so she can fill up the forms and mail it to Ghana.

Im just intrigued why there was NO "Spousal Questionnaire" included, Criminal records, (which is common to some requirements, and these were not mentioned in necessary forms needed.

The mail also says to provide :

Proof of relationship.

just like that. no further questions like i see on spousal questionnaires.

Is this possible? that required papers are just a few. or it depends on regions of applications?

Please share any ideas here.

I really appreciate your kind help.


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When you initially applied you put down her mailing address as yours.

She is your dependent and they want you to prove that. Now you did not say where you are from. If Ghana was your marriage a tribal marriage or.....

Why would a questionnaire be included if they knew you were married at the time you applied for your temporary status?


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Finally, Roy, big thanks for the reply:

I am the principal applicant. and her mailing address was clear on the forms. She is working in South Africa and i submitted them to CIC Vegreville, with my address here in Vancouver.

We are both Asian. Filipinos.

I was just curious why was our form different from the rest, (friends here who are sponsoring their families back home, be the spouse working abroad too).

*friends got that questionnaire:
*friends client number was added four digits: my wife was given immigration file number.
*mail didnt say anything about criminality records, though we can and should provide.

So i guess it depends by region.

i just find it unusual...though it favors us to submit just a few document.

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Hi Rommel,

Im assisting a friend under the LCP and applying for PR with her husbad in Dubai. They got confused also with the kit they mailed to her husband. I suggested to them to email/inquire to the Dubai embassy for clarifications... now oks na lahat. Both spousal and sponsor questionnaires ay pinadala sa husand sa Dubai... email mo ko para ma-sort out natin yang sa case mo...


Ed Lopez
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