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  Sharon: Have you ever happened that you just want to cry because your immigration procedure is not over yet???
I´ve felt trapped not being able to go back to my home country to visit friends and family. It is very probably I will get my PR this year but I am just not feeling like a normal person.

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I am waiting for my fiance... and yes, I feel trapped in a system that has control of our lives. I feel stuck an unable to move forward. I can´t plan, I am afraid to dream and many times it feels like it might never happen. Some days I am OK with it all... other, like today I just want to say forget it.
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Do you know?? Thank you very much for your response, at least I know somebody else feels the same way. I´ve been able to deal with it very well for the last months and my guess is that my case should not take much longer but this terrible lack of certainty drives me nuts!!!
Everything is on hold because you can´t make plans...
Hopefully this new year will bring good news for us.
My best wishes for you....

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I think many of us know. Why else do we compare dates and timelines like school children! We hang on everyone´s experience and hope we find the same results. If we took away ´how long´ questions from this forum the place would be empty. It is painful! I sometimes think we have too much information for our own good.

When I think I am going to go out of my mind, I try to remember my grandfather who had to save up enough money to get on a boat to travel from Europe to Canada. I am sure it took him forever. There was no fast mail service, no emails, no forums, no phone calls. He worked at the family farm until the mail came one day to say he could come. Then he had to wait for the boat schedule. Then he had to wait until he could be processed in Halifax. Then it took him weeks to get to where he planned to homestead. Then he had to wait for the ground to thaw so he could build a shed to live in. I am sure the wait and process must have felt like 200 years.

Then I remember those who cannot raise their settlement money, or who do not have adequate education, or real work experience, who must live their life hoping and dreaming but never with a happy ending.

at that point... I do not feel so sorry for myself.

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