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Subject: Proof of Funds
  I am submitting my application for Canadian Immigration. I just want to ask whether the proof of fund will be demanded by CIC later? According to their requirement a candidate should atleast have 13,000 Canadian dollar in the account for 2 people. I am applying with my wife so I need to provide the proof of fund of 13,000 Canadian dollars, which is enough money for me and i can´t manage it to show. Kindly advice any other way out or it is mandatory?
Asim Zafar
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Bank statement for your account showing the amount you own..

Preferrably, the statement can show the transactions over a period of six months (not necessary) but to prove that the money is yours (not transferred to you transiently for the purpose of issuing a statement).


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Ha ha thanks for reply. I certainly wont send cash of 13000$ to CIC. I am just asking when the statement will be asked from me? i mean can i arrange money from somewhere and put it in my account temporarily and when CIC will ask me to submit statement i will show it to them. please reply!
Asim Zafar
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Asim Bao,

Umed kerta ho k aap ne yeha question apne real name ke sath nehi lekha hoo gaya. Yar fund show kerna requirment hai na k source batana. Agar CIC waloo ko pata leg gaya k fund loan per ley ker account main dala hai to woh straightaway refuse ker sekte hai ke fund requirment not met.
Aur please keep in mind k dont use asli name en swaloo k leye. Yeha some CIC ke log bhe sun gun lene k leye reply ker te hai,

Bahi semgh ke advise de reha ho now its up to you

Shah Jee
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Shah jee, mera sawal bhee Asim Bao say milta julta hai.. bhai yeh CIC waloon ko kesay pata chalay ga k pesa loan ka hai yaa apna hai.....yaar like Asim Bao mein bhee ek ghareeb admi hun...itna sara pesa kahan say laoon?
Anwar Ritol
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CIC may very well ask you to sumbit bank statements for several months to make sure that the money is yours. Secondly, you would also need to show funds when CIC asks for document update when they are closer to processing your application (in a few years). So you would need to show the required funds at least twice, and both times they may ask for several months of bank statement.


Ray Masa
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Bahi Anwar, Yeah Ray ne jo lekha ke woh CIC aap se last atleast Six month ke Bank statement mang sekte hai aur yeh woh two time kerte hai correct hai.

Yaar Anwar i know yeh buhat mushkal hai per main tum ko apni kahani batata ho main ne yeh paisa Interest per le ker account main dala tha aur kuch friends se leya tha. Yaar i know its expensive but i dont have any other choice.

Shah Jee
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dosto ! paise show karna parain gay aur immigration mil jane per Canada ke lie Bank Draft ya pay order bhee banwana pare ga utne hi paisoon ka jo Canada pohunchne per bhee check ker sakte hain.Aur wo bank draft ya pay order wahan kay bank mai hi jama hoga. yani aap ko wahan account khulwana hoga. Ager aap ka koe meharbaan dost ya rishte daar ho jo aap ko loan day day Canada pounchne tak wo paisa apnay account khulwa ker us mai dalain phir wapis ker dain.
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4 years after applying for immigration, we were asked to re-submit proof of funds.... i guess your bank statement should, at the very least, be consistent in order to be believable.

6 months after the "re-submission", we are for medical clearance. No interview necessary

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Hello PPl:
I have 2 questions:

(1)I am about to apply for Canadian Immigration by my self and want to save the cost to any representatives(middleman) it doable by oneself to apply himself?

(2)I am the eldest son in my father has lots of properties that are way over the minimum fund requirement for the application. I want to ask if money out of these properties or money taken from my father is a ligitimate funds source to show on immigration application or to CIC as proof since they say that U cannot borrow it?

Plz help me ASAP

Kumar Motwani
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1. You can do it yourself if your case is relatively simple.
2. Property cannot be shown as proof of fund, however you can borrow the money from your father and keep it in your account. CIC may ask you to show last six months statement.