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Subject: Wait for masters to complete or not
Fist of all I would like to say that your website forum is very helpful.

My situation is:
I am in US for 1.5 year (I am from Eastern Europe)
Doing my masters in Computer Science (graduation date: dec 2009) - but I am full time working in US, doing my practical training.
Overall I have 2 years of professional experience in software development.

My Question:
I want to apply for immigration as a federal skilled worker.
With my wife we score around 67 points, which is the minimum.
If we wait till dec 2009 (which is 1 year from now) we will get more points, but it is a lot to wait.
So should we risk or wait when I complete the masters?
The thing is that when I will get my PR I will finish already my masters. Will the immigration people consider that?

Or maybe try and find and employer in Vancouver and go with BC PNP program? Although it´s quite hard to get employed overseas. Can an office or lawyer help with this employment?

Sorry for writing so much - in the basic terms I just want to go faster to Canada so that I AND my wife can work (she cannot on her dependent visa here in US).

Thank you so much!

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If you meet the 67 points cut-off then go ahead and apply. You are not see favourably if you have more points. Later on, after completion of Master´s you can update them with your degree certificate.

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Depending on your visa status in the US, you may also want to look at Alberta PNP, which may not require you to have a job:



Ray Masa
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I am currently on F1, so that PNP from Alberta is not an option for me.
And I would prefer B.C.


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