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Subject: Cdn with American boyfriend
  Good day.

I am 27 yo female living in Ottawa, On. I have a post-secondary education and good job and would like to sponsor my American BF of a year to immigrate to Canada. We have been visiting back and fourth as much as possible, and this seems like a normal progression. I have been going over the immigration options on the CIC site and none seem to apply to us. He has been a Produce Clerk (non-management), at the same store in the US for 7+ years. He has completed high school, but has no post-secondary education, and does not intend on pursuing one at this time. He does not seem to fill the requirements to be a Skilled Worker. I know we could get married, but I have NEVER, even as a little girl, wanted to get married. Even though I think he is "The One" it would feel hypocritical of me to do so just to "please" CIC. Is there any way to get him here without getting married? **IF** I were to fold and get married (which is not likely) we would elope as we would not have any family or friends present due to medical/monetary/geographical/my family feuding reasons. They all know of our relationship, and we have met each others´ families and friends and they all approve (or say they do) of our relationship. Is this doomed, bc it feels like it to us? What can be done?

I was also wondering, if he ends up applying outside of Canada, if he can still visit or if will be flagged at the border?

Thank you for your help!

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last option... common law. needs 1 year cohabitation. if not, well darlin - guess what... CIC has no classification for antiestablishmentarianism.
only other option is that he finds a way to come on his own merits and just so happens to arrive on your doorstep.

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CIC has no category for "romantic class". Since he doesn´t qualify for skilled worker nor for family class sponsorship, the only thing is to go back and forth between US and Canada..until you get married with him!!.
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Thank you for the info. How is Common Law possible? We need to live together for a year, no?
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Yes... you have to live together for at least a year... this is only one of the requirements in order for you to sponsor him under this category.


Ed Lopez
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yes, commonlaw is 1 year. If you can´t validate that, you have the following options
1) suck it up and get married. (only if you really want to)
2) have him find a job offer to gain a work permit
3) have him find a study visa
4) have him apply as a Provincial Nominee or Skilled worker.

Family class is a courtesy to Canadian citizens with family and loved ones living in other countries. CIC is looking for YOUR commitment to the relationship before they will make any accomodations to your request. Might seem archaric but that is the way it is.

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