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Subject: Permanent Resident Visa Issuance Help!

I was approved to sponsored my husband, who is from NYC area, the CIC then fowarded his permanent resident application to Buffalo, who then notified us they sent his paperwork to NYC. We were told in an email that the Request for passport letter was mailed out on the 12th of September from NYC, which he still hasnt received, which is strange seeing that he lives in the NYC area. Anyways, my main question is, once my husband receives back his passport with the visa, does he officially have to cross the border to go through Canadian Immigration? He has been visiting me for the past month and we will send his passport from up here and have it send back to our Canadian address. Just dont know if we will have to take a trip to Niagara Falls, NY by car and then come across again? Also, how soon can he get his SIN number to work?

Just a little more info for you, I was living in NYC also, but came back to Canada in May with all of our belongings and car, so declared everything as a returning resident, so he wont have anything to bring into the country with him.

Any help would be appreciated!!!!! :)

Canadian Girl
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Yes, he will need to leave the country and re-enter to land. Once he has done this he will have a COPR (confirmation of perm. residence) and will then be able to apply for a SIN.

This can be done in a trip to Niagara Falls. He leaves Canada ~ he doesn´t even have to enter the US, he can tell them that he is wanting to land and they will turn him around so he can head back to Canadian Customs.

Good luck!

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Hi Carrie,

Ok, great, thanks, that is much easier than having to actually enter the U.S. and answer a million questions!

Thanks again, this website is very helpful!

Canadian Girl
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Another question, if someone can answer?!

Will the NYC office mail back a passport to a Canadian Address, I am confused, it says they will only use USPS, can I not send a Fedex way bill and envelope with an account number and have them send it up to Canada to me?


Canadian Girl
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