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  Okay, my common law g/f and I are currently in the process of filling in the applications forms. She is sponsoring me to be with her in Canada. I am currently in Canada with her now.

We have made an appointment for a medical this week. Should I be doing the medical in advance as it speeds up the process or should I be waiting?

Being from the UK I can stay in Canada without a visa for 6 months, of which I have 4 1/2 months left. Do I have to leave the country while the application is in process (which makes the application void) or do I get an extended stay throughout the application?

Thank you for reading and any information you can give me.

I think... (in reply to: Info Please)
You still have to renew your visa every 6 months to remain legal in Canada. If medical tests are required in the list of topics they request you have to do them now and send them.
I did mine and they have already expired because my application is still in process , my guess is I will have to redo them again if they request to do so.
Good luck and welcome to the Limbo. At least within Canada after 4 or 6 months you will get the Approval in Principal wich will allow you to apply for a work permit until they finish to process you application.

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Thanks for your reply.

How do you go about renewing your visa? Are they likely to renew it without problem if your are applying?

Well... (in reply to: Info Please)
When you apply for your first extension ( I guess you must need one extension to complete one year of cohabitation with your girlfriend)don´t even mention that you intend to apply to become PR. You just have to show enough funds in your banking account and say that you would like to remain in Canada to visit more places in this gorgeous country.
Well , get your PR application ready to send before your first extension expires and when you apply for the second one you have to say that you´ve already applied to become PR and if you have no more money left in the bank, get your girlfriend to write a letter stating she´ll be responsible for your expenses while you stay in the country.
I hope the advices of this Old Bit** can help you to deal with this inhumane system.

Yes (in reply to: Info Please)
Sorry I did not read your question very well. I assume you already have spent a year of cohabitation.... Well in your next extension just tell them that you already have submitted an application to become Permanent Resident of Canada.Just try to submitt your application before you extend your visa. If you can´t do it this way I have no idea of whether they can approve or deny your extension. But if you submitt your PR application before you extend your visa they have to give you the visa right away because you can´t remain illegal in CANADA.
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Just a bit of advice, instead of applying for an extension to your visa...use the same for an apply for a change of status from visitor to temporary worker. Since your applying within Canada, once you receive Approval in Principle you´re eligible to apply for a work permit. By sending in the application for a work permit (or in your case changing status from visitor´s visa to work permit) it will allow you to receive your work permit quicker. It also will give you "assumed status" until they make a decision on your change of status application, which will happen once you receive Approval in Principle.

Atleast that is what I was told by the agents the Call Centre when they were telling me why I should apply within Canada for permanent residence. You should call the CIC Call Centre yourself and ask them if they think what I mentioned above is the best option for your situation. The Call Centre phone number is 1-888-242-2100...there are agents available to talk to Monday-Friday, 8:30am to 4:00pm.

Hope this helps.

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