Exemption of 1st landing formality for student ?

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Subject: Exemption of 1st landing formality for student ?
  Our PR application is in progress and we are expecting passport request (PPR) anytime now, having done all our medicals on 08-June-2008 in Kuwait.

My son who is included in our application has landed in Canada on 1-Sep-2008 on a student visa, obtained a student permit and currently studying at University of Toronto. We have already informed to CIC-London about this as our application is under process in London Office.

Now if I receive PPR, I need to get my son´s passport from Canada through courier and then send it along with all our passports to London. But I think, there should be an easier way as either of the following:

1. to exempt from the first landing formalities (for the student) and get the PR papers in Canada itself, as the person has already landed and studying at Canada.

2. to get the landing visa stamped at Canada itself, (as the person is currently residing in Canada), and then to travel for a short time to US for example and then come back on the landing visa.

No such details are availabe in the CIC website. But I hope to get some response from this forum from experts or any body who had similar experience.

Any advise/ suggestion in this regard is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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