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Subject: passport
  I just recieve a letter from buffalo saying that the process is complete and they need my passport.I am going to drive there to get it stamped(it said in the letter that i could).My question is what happens After i get my passport stamped?Can i go right from buffalo to canada?I can´t find any info online about what happens after your approved.Can someone help?Thank you all!!
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Once your passport is stamped you are ready to go. Start packing.
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Yep, once your passport is stamped you can cross the border and become landed. I actually talked to one person who did just that. She and her husband live in Toronto, ON...when she got her passport request they drove down to Buffalo, dropped the passport off at like 8:30am, toured Buffalo for the day, picked her passport up around 1:30ish pm, then drove back over the border and landed.
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Speaking of passport...

One I get a passport request, can I get it stamped in any Canadian Embassy around the world, or is it just in a place of request? Please don´t answer if you don´t know for sure.

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Thanks for the info.One other do i get a sin # so i can start working?How long does that take?Thanks alot you guys are great!!
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Hi Cody,.

Here´s a website for SIN#

BTW, can you share your timeline.
Thanks and Congrats!!!

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thanks for the info.
Time line:April 4,2004 app recieved
June 29,2004 request for medical
October 13,2004 request for landing fee
January 4,2005 request for passport
I applied in the "Family Class"

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