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Subject: opt-out from Rasolzadeh class
  dear all
There is no need to explain the rasolzadeh action cause i think you all read it ; i?m also confused about this subject; but there is somthing mentioned about opt-out forms .
What do u think the affect might be on the applications if we opt-out and deny this rasolzadeh action , will the processing procedure and the timeframe be the same as before this class was posted?
i mean if we opt-out , is it good or bad ?
what do u think please any reply !!!!!!

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From sharon:
There is some information posted on the CIC website for anyone interested in this situation.

How does RASOLZADEH affect us...I do not think very much. There was a major change in immigration policy and classifications in 2002. Some folks were caught in the Q and felt the changes treated then unfairly. The government has agreed and has offered to re-assess some of the claims. How many claims they are talking about is hard to tell because of several factors
1) there is a time limit for applicants to reactivate the files
2)they must still want to immigrate

They will not start addressing this situation until April 2005

How does this affect those of us who are in the current Q... again, I don?t think very much - if at all. They will likely hire additional staff to process these documents and it looks like it will take forever to work their way through them. New Police Clearances etc- what a nightmare. In some cases we are talking 6-7 years from date of application. Would you wait that long???

I would encourage us not to get too worried about this issue unless you are one of the applicants affected by this ruling. (I know... I am dreaming)

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what is the status of your file? if it is being processed- then the class action suit has no affect on your application. It affects those who qualified under old rules but not under new ones. The legal action was a way to force CIC to deal with those caught in that rule change mess. If you say you wish to opt out, you are saying you do not want the protection of the court agreement and you will go it alone with CIC. Big mistake.
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Thank you Sharon.
my application still under proccess since 2001, they told me that my name is on the schedule of interviews , but i did not receive any document concerning the date and time of the interview.
i received the note about rasolzadeh action , but i still do not know how to deal with this situation, cause it says that i might receive a selection decision by August 2008 , so that is why im asking if i opt out and denied the rasolzadeh action and i bare the responsibility, will the timeframe of proccessing my application be normal and less than 2008.
and what are the benefits of rasolzadeh action on my application ?
Thank you very much; and if u have any answer to my inquiry i´ll be thankful.

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what do u mean by the big mistake ?
to opt-out or to accept the rasolzadeh class action

What if I opt-out? (in reply to: opt-out from Rasolzadeh class)
I applied as entrepreneur in January 2001. Then in April 2004 I recieved a letter from the Immigration section in the Embassy where I applied, telling me about the amendments made the 1st of December 2003 to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations, and asking me to complete new applications forms and to send once again all the documents related in order to assess my application under the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations 2002, otherwise they will assess my application on the basis of the information I already submitted. I did so. And one month ago, I recieved Rasolzadeh Notice. It seems it affects me. I´m really confused. I don´t know what to do. If anyone can tell me what are the advantages of Rasolzadeh Action, and What may happen to my application if I opt-out from Rasolzadeh action, I would be more than grateful.
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hi Nour
did u apply at the canadian embassy in damascus ?
really i´m so confused about the rasolzadeh lawsuit, and i do not know what to decide :if to be a member or not !!!
i´m trying to ask a consultant about this issue concerning the benefits. and it is time to make our desision before march.
i´ll inform u what will happen with me as soon as possible.
and i´ll be grateful to hear from u about ur case.
thank u ...

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