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Subject: medical test (CHD)
  hi der! just want to asked i have 4 y/o son who has a congenital heart disease. would it be affect to the issuance of our visa? or it would be part as excessive demand to canada? but my son is in good health and he has no confinement with regards to his heart problem. please give me an idea im just worried if we have guarantee to have visa. pls. reply. .. . thank you and god bless....
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This depends on the type of the congenital anomaly. Some congenital anomalies are very common and asymptomatic such as ventricular septal defect VSD and atrial septal defect ASD, which I guess your child has. Other anomalies such as tetralogy of Fallot or anomalies related to cardiac valves can be potentially serious.
As long as your child is asyptomatic and can cope with the anomaly, I assume there will be no problem. His problem will not pose a risk to the community, as well. CIC is concerned about the diseases which are contagious or risky to the population or the diseases, e.g. AIDS and other STD or those that require costly long-term management such as diabetes mellitus and heart ischemic diseases. Therefore, I think there might be no problem but they might ask for additional medical tests from a specialist (pediatric cadriologist). Hope this helps. Wait and you will see.

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thank you very much for your reply and now i feel comfortable now, before im so desperate that who can i talk to with regards to my question. just to thank you so much for this forum. . . our papers is till on process and were still waiting for the schedule of medical exam. . i´ll inform you once were done in medical and if they will issue our visa. thanks again....
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More or less similar kind of problem with me too. My kids are having Thallasemia (Intermedia). They are healthy enough. But, I have studied various cases of Federal Court as well as Supreme Court too. They also consider the excessive demand on the health system. The expected expenses for the child should not be more than ave.exp.per year per canadian. (Approx. $ 6000-00). They consider for next 5 years and 10 years span. In one of the judgment Hon. Judge make a comment that to treat sickel cell anamiea patient requires no more expenses but for by-pass sugery/open heart surgery sp. expenses are involved. Based on such judgment/s or observations CIC offices are deciding the merits of the case.
In my case I have completed the medical ( with two more repeated request )and waiting for the results.
for more details read in this forum : " Inadmissibility - Thalassamia " June-2008 posting.
Good Luck....

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hi openoyster! I guess i should mention that my son CHD is tetralogy of fallot he diagnosed since he was birth but since he was growing he is in good condition until now. my family just wondering if it will affect our papers for PR. last one question is it would cause for us to inadmissibility? pls. need ur advice again i really dont know wat to do were just keep on praying all the time that it will not have a problem to the CIC. hope you can reply agen. thank you so much....

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