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Subject: Embassy asking docs: Can I delay sending docs.
  I have a very unusual query..I filed my immigration from London in Aug 06 while I was in London.My relatives in London got a letter from Canadian embassy on last week saying that my file is ready for further processing and they need updated documents by 1st Jan 09 of work/change in marital status/circumstances etc.My relatives have posted the letter to me in delhi today.

I am doing my masters (MBA 5 points) which I will finish in Jan End.Plus 1 year of exp more(2 points) I will accumulate in feb. Can I send my updated papers once I have my degree+transcript in Feb and have another year of work ex to make me eligible for another 7 points.My current points are 68.

I have got scattered work exp.(11 months helpdesk(Delhi)+9 months programming(Del) + 6 months as Database techinican(UK) + 6 months Admin Asst(UK)) but since last 2 years after applying for immi i am in the same profession(software testing).I feel that by these 7 points I will have a better hold over my application because of my stabilty in career and my education..So my questions are::

1.Can I do this?(Do applications get scrapped if not replied in a month/2 month time frame)

2.Should I do this(Post docs to embassy in feb giving excuse that I am in delhi and got the letter from embassy late..due to delayed post from my relatives in london etc)

3.Also how will I know if my interview has been waived.Does the letter say that "No interview required" or something like that.I am skeptical of my chances in interview because of my work ex mess up.Kindly advise.Thanks
Rahul Anand

Rahul Anand
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1: If you dont sent information on time its possible that they will close your file. If you want to risk that, thatís your call. Or you can send what you can before the deadline and send the rest after. No guarantees that you will get additional points either way. You are supposed to have the points when you applied. If you have 67 or 87 ppoints it doesnít make much difference.

2: And how is that CHCís problem? Just because you want to travel the world and get your documents late doesnít mean CHC is going to give you special privileges. Especially since its your responsibility to update CHC of any address changes. They mailed the letter to the address you provided.

3: If they send you medical request, chances are they have waived your interview.


Ray Masa
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late is not an option unless you want to start again and under the new rules that are coming, you may be totally out of luck.

get going.

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