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Subject: fingerprints at border
  So I have accepted a job offer by a company in Canada, and they are handling my immigration application, which is done through HRDC rather than the usual CIC immigration offices. My employer tells me that they will receive a fax with approval, that we will not actually have an in-person interview with immigration, and hat we will cross the border with the fax and at the border they will double check hardcopies of my documents [college diploma, marriage certificate, passports, etc], and I believe issue the actual work visa there.
Should I expect that they might want to take fingerprints there for the US FBI police certificate thing? I would def like to know before I cross the border...


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At the border, you will be required to apply for your work permit (i.e - fill out the appropriate forms, pay the fees, etc.) and I believe that they will most likely issue your permit right then and there.

You´ll probably want to double check with Citizenship and Immigration Canada about this, if possible, before trying to cross the border just you don´t have any unpleasant surprises waiting for you when you arrive there.

Your other option, depending on how much time you have between when HRDC approval is received and when you need to start your job is to apply for your work permit while you´re still in the U.S. You do this by applying for a work permit at Canadian Consulate that handles visa applications. The consulates in the U.S are: Buffalo, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, and Washington D.C. If you decided to go this route, I recommend sending your application to either Los Angeles or New York.

Los Angeles processes 69% of temporary worker applications within 2 days or less, 81% within 7 days or less, 86% within 14 days or less, and 93% within 28 days or less.

New York processes 47% of temporary worker applications within 2 days or less, 73% within 7 days or less, 84% within 14 days or less, and 92% within 28 days or less.

As for fingerprints - I don´t believe that you´ll be fingerprinted for FBI clearance when you cross the border, seeing as you´re not applying for permanent residence. I don´t believe that people applying for work permits are required to submit FBI clearance. Also, fingerprints for FBI clearances generally need to be done by either law enforcement authorities or by agents certified to take fingerprints.

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I thought PR was required to live and work in Canada for any extended period of my time. I know my work visa will be for two years...


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Nope,permanent residence is only required if you want to permanently live in Canada, not if you want to visit or work.

Work permits are issued to temporary workers, and since your job offer is only for 2 years you are considered a temporary worker. If while you are in Canada you decide that you like it and that you want to remain (rather then going back to the U.S) you must then apply for permanent residency (which includes submitting your fingerprints to the FBI for clearance).

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So when I do apply for PR status, if I have been living in Canada for over 6 months will I have to be fingerprinted to obtain a Canadian police certificate, or only if my name check shows a criminal record. I know US requires fingerprinting [obviously only so the FBI can get as prints of as many people as possible]. Some places seem to indicate fingerprints for RCMP cert only if you have a record, other seem to indicate it no matter what..


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