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Subject: AINP application
I am a civil engineer under a TWP valid for 2 years. Me and my employer are ready to submit the:
1) Application for Provincial Nomination (ABPNP 003)
2) Employer and Worker Application (ABNP 005).

The ABPNP 003 requires a photocoy of the following completed application forms from CIC to issue a PNP Nomination:
1. IMM 0008 Generic
2. IMM 0008 Schedule 1
3. IMM 0008 Schedule 4
4. IMM 5406
5. IMM 5476 (if applicable).

My question is: Do I need to sent these 5 CIC forms to "CIC" at the same time I submit them to the AINP, or I have to wait for the AINP Nomination and then send these CIC forms to CIC ??

Thank you,

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I pretty sure you´ll have to wait, because you´ll have to submit the ainp certificate (when and if you get it)with your federal forms.

Can i ask you how long you´ve worked for your current twp employer? I am in the process of the same situation but for Saskatchewan.

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I have been working for 4 months
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Hi Johan ,

I have a question. When did they receive your application for AINP ?

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I did not send the application yet, I am just preparing the documentation
how long does it take for the AINP process? (in reply to: AINP application)
Hi im a TFW working in a meat processing plant in alberta im just asking how long does it takes to process the AINP and get the Permanent Residency? some of my co-worker here are working for the company for almost 16 months but no one from them have and PR status. Some told us that the company is delaying the process beacuse if they recive the PR status they will resign to the company and look for another job. my concerned is we have only 2 years contract what if the company does not extend our contract and send us home do we have a chance to apply for AINP if we go back home?
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We applied almost 5 months ago and have only first stage(employer´s application) approved :/
ainp application (in reply to: AINP application)
with all due respect, i will like to know how i can down load the ainp application form. thanks
ezuma paschaline
AINP (in reply to: AINP application)
Johan, you from South Africa?
Adriaan Bouwer
AINP for H1B (in reply to: AINP application)
hello sir,
i want to apply for canadian immigration under AINP for h1b category.
i came to US on sept 2005.
finished my MS on dec 2007.
worked on OPT status from jan 2008-sept30 2008.
on OCT 1 2008 my H1B status started.
currently i am working on H1b.
my total work experience in US including OPT and H1B is about 14 months.
however on H1B alone it is 6 months.
can you please tell me if i am eligible to apply under AINP for US Visa holders ?
or is it that one has to have on year experience on H1B only.
if i apply my case now and by the time my case goes through i would be having total work exp on h1b more than a year. Would that work?
would really appreciate your help.

Raj K
fully detailed about documents and step proceess of AINP (in reply to: AINP application)
hello sir,
i want to apply for canadian immigration under AINP,recently i have given the B.COM exam and waiting for uncle is going to sponsor me but there is some matter that he has not enough money to show on his account which is approx CAD $ 15,000 so my father can show his provident fund and also let me know that after filling AINP application form which documents would be required of mine and my uncle.
i look forward of your kind reply.thanks

syed adeel bari