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Subject: Is Canada Good??
Hai there,

I want to apply for immigration but my first concern is I found in a site that in Canada there is a rational discrimination & is difficult for immigrants to have a good job. Could anybody advise me properlly in this regard??


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This is not true. Canada is full of immigrants and is far better than US. Yes, its economy is bit slow as compared US economy but still jobs r there for the skilled people. It?s a simple principle of demand and supply. As more and more skilled people make Canada their home land their needs add up to the national demand and so r new opportunities created. If u know what u r good at and put all ur sincere efforts, nothing can stop u. Yes, its a little time consuming but patience always gets rewarded. I am trying to be an optimist as negative thoughts only retards ur mind. Canada is lovely place and I hope to be part of its diverse culture very soon.
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No Canada not that good. There are a lot of problems with racial discrimination.
And it is a true if you an immigrant it?s very hard for you to find a job, not any job, like labor or conveyer belt worker, but job with your knowledge from your origin country.
About racial discrimination it?s more like WASPs and everybody else. I mean if you ?pure Canadian? (your folks came to the country at least 2 generation ago and your native language is English) you more welcome everywhere in Canada (jobs, loans, mortgages?). It?s first class people. Second (economic) class is immigrants from last wave. More welcome immigrants from developing countries because they don?t have an education and there is no competition for ?pure Canadians?. This people (immediately from planes) directly go the factories to conveyer belt with minimum wages (good for employers! a.k.a. ?pure Canadians?). And finally even when you?ll get your citizenship anyway you?ll be any?country?an but nobody never will call you Canadian!

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I salute you my man! Well done and well put. Pure and simple without sugarcoating, etc. I also believe that unless you´re like Arnold Schwarznegger, Andy Grove, Roberto Goizuetta or Madeline Albrait to name a few, only your children´s children will see true benefits of being a Canadian or an American. Unfortunately, that is true. However, all being relative, you might be way better off when you move to Canada than what you are now in your own country. But trust me, it a big "rat chase", where you have to constantly run to pay off your bills. Good luck!

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What the poster above me said is absolutely true. If you are not moving to Canada with at least half a million $, the dance begins soon after you land. You might even wonder if the world became a life sentence. Until you get used to the pace of life, it might feel like the Game of Running Man. However, I must say that humans are greatly resilient: you just might get used to the pace of life faster than you think! The problem is when you have trouble fully adjusting to the new realities. That´s when you begin to second guess and even regret moving to Canada. If you have strong and highly specialized skills, Canada quickly becomes a dirt joint compared to the great US. America, being wht it is, is an exceedingly vibrant and dynamic economy. Canada can never compete with the US in this respect. Because of such vibrance, people with specialized skills are more likely to adjust and find more cash than in Canada. CANADA MORE CLOSELY RESEMBLES BRITTAIN! Canadians, in a way, are still bonded to UK. You find British monarchs on Canadian currency. The Real Head of State of Canada is in Brittain and appoints the Governor General and hence the diplomatic folks. What you experience in Brittain is more likely what you will experience in Canada. It is because of the closed nature of the society that the people tend to group together based on where they came from. So you can hookup with folks from your part of world and make a living. If you have higher planes philosophical platitudes about human life and society, you might actually love to live where you originated from! But then you could be natural-born drifter, like me, and enjoy cruising the world. The essence is in Cash! The more of it you got, the more likely you can surmount the everyday nuisance that these lowly foreigners suffer from in north America, or Europe.
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there is no free ride in Canada. It is hard work. You cannot assume to arrive day one and do exactly what you did in your home country. You will need to learn social customs, you will need to adapt your work skills, you will need to improve your language skills and you will have to start from nothing. that is the story for 90% of all immigrants. Most say it is worth it - if not for them... for their children. If this sounds too hard- it is better to try and make a better life for yourself in your home country.
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It depends of what kind of expectations you have. For me it has been good so far . I got a job at my first interview and I am not making the minimum salarie or working as a waiter or as a taxi driver. I guess you have to find to reality if the country. In what fields they need have to reinvent yourself.
If you are trapped in the game of money my guess is you are better off going to USA. My expectations are different and I would not pay any taxes to a government like US government.In social issues it is becoming such a retrograde place to live (I mean Jesusland or USA whatever you want to call it). Canada is not perfect of course but I prefer it ten times better to other countries. Europe is more racist than Canada is,it doesn´t matter how much liberal they think they are (They are more racist than canadians). THe whole world is full of negative stuff but
if you don´t try to solve your personal issues and accept reality and do your best with the tools you have , you will always find troubles and will always complain about any country, it doesn´t matter where you go.
It is important to start with your personal improvement.

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I came here as a dependence here , my husband is the main applicant. Fortunately my husband transferred from U.S.A so we did not face that much difficulties here. But most of the people do face problems . job market is not good here . And to get a job you must have some experience . But as a new immigrant none has that experience . My brother moved here 2.5 years ago , he graduated from a university in U.S.A. . First 2/3 months he did not get any job ,then he got a job with very low salary in Radioshack . He thought time would change but it was not .
The only good thing is people ( many ,not all ) are friendly here . But there is some racial descriminition ,but not like U.S.A . If you a new immigrant, everyone behaves like you can not have something good or you did not have anything so you moved here . When we first landed here we gave a list of our money and property to the officer in airport . She was nice but there was another officer too . when that guy saw our property list ( we lived in U.S.A. for few years so we didnot come here empty handed) he said loudly " hey , this person said that he had this ( amount ) of money , check properly if it is real " and laughed loud like we could not have that property . That was not a very good experience for us.

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racial desrimination?.. come on.. guys.. be real... i guess.. the only place you cant see racial descrimination is in third world country... like philippines.. india.. pakistan.. sri lanka... the question is.. why you (if you are interested).. or why people still want to go there?.. - simple.. - because.. life there is more simple and more ok... because if those people feel ok in their own country.. they will not go there...

I´m not defending Canada or whatsoever.. but you people should be at least be very open... here in Saudi Arabia.. I´ve been here for almost 15 years... yes 15 years.. and i think.. i´ve seen the worst cases of descrimination... i guess... the worst.. but the question is.. why i am still here?.. I´m here because.. I don´t believe in short-cuts in life.. I´m here to save for the show money.. that I will show to Canada... yes.. I´m one of those people who have applied and still waiting for the call... after 15 years.. I guess.. the money that i will bring there shall give me a fresh start...

I´m not scared of descrimination... I´m not scared of starting from scratch.. what I´m scared is - to see.. that after 15 long years of working.. and not going to continue my last leg of my life in Canada.. and will see - that my 3 kids.. will not make it in my own country...

Pathetic.. but that´s true.. hard work guys... don´t quit... if they can do it.. you too...

that´s the key word... patience.. hardwork and preserverance..

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what about people who have US degrees and US work experience.
1) can they expect to have better carrier (carrier not money) than they were in the US?
2) can they easily find a job in Canada (less than 6mo) with similar or higher position when they´re in the US?
3)How is it specifically for a software engineer?
4) talking about racism; how;s racism compare to the US ?

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US skills do not make Canadian employers fall on the ground and kiss your feet. US skills do not make you earn more money than Canadian skills. There are lots of sites that compare cost of living/wages between the US and Canada. from what I hear some wages are less, but so is the cost of health care etc. If you are coming to Canada to make more money than you already do in the US... do not do it. You will be disappointed.
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In your post to this subject, you indicated the philippipnes, pakistan and inida as coundtries that have more descrimination. Have you ever been to these countries? Please be careful with your statement. You´re starting descrimination.