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Subject: Chicago Rules!
  Well fellow international travelers, looks like there is hope for the future. It´s finally over. I sometimes wish that this, my state, could somehow be annexed as a Canadian province. We see ourselves as a shining beacon down here of a new direction, in the middle of the midwest prairie.

Thanks to all those still overseas, expats, Canadian colleagues, and fellow American immigrants here who supported the Obama movement.

Forget Toronto, Roy, it´s Chicago that for now has the momentum (and celebration).

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all I can do is cry.
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Tears of Joy???
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The guy on CNN who was the former secretary of education said it best. All the myths about a student not being able to do something because their black are out the window.

Happy times are here again.

Now the real problem is we won´t have Sarah Palin around to laugh at any more.


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I hope the Republicans are smart not to take Palin seriously for 2012 otherwise they will have a bigger debacle. They have so many other choices that they can pick from.
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As a new immigrant to Canada, I know this isn´t the most PC thing to say here, but I´ve never been so proud to be an American.

Finally, my native country stood up for itself and entered the modern world. We can now look forward instead of hiding in the past, finally be a model of unity in a nation historically divided.

I have no words to express my pride this morning.

This is truly a momentous day.

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What a Relief.

Otherwise probably I would´ve to start Aus. immigration process as a back up.

Though I didn´t think at all that it would be like a landslide. Our Florida was indicating for Mr. Mccain before excpet one region and many Mccain supporters were silent.

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I guess we can say Decision Made.

Florida was a squeeker, so glad DC doesn´t have to write to the Aus. consulate. :)

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I was very tensed looking at loud Mccain campaings around me in the central florida. But finally the southest Florida with lot of latinos/hispanics saved me this time.

I´m not quite sure yet when or how much we´ll gain, but know very well that at least the death sentence wasn´t signed.

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Now Barack lets close Guantanamo Bay!

Let´s start with talking first to settle disputes

and don´t forget my girl Hillary.

How about Richard for Canadian Ambassador?


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I´d love to have the job. Thanks for the recommendation leading to the appointment, Roy.

First thing I´d do is advice Pres. Obama to improve border cooperation and ease movement of people and goods between our 2 countries.

It´s ridiculous that crossing the U.S./Canadian border is not much better than the border chacks between East and West Germany during the Cold War. I´d recommned the kind of freedom of movement that countries in the EU now have. What we have with borders on the North American continent is an anachronism from the era of mutual suspicion.

Hopefully, the Obama administration may reach the same conclusions.