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Subject: getting an fbi clearance in usa
hi, i am overstayed my visa and still here in usa and my wife is sponsoring me to canada, can i get fbi clearance here in usa for canada immigration purpose even if i verstayed my tourist visa in usa?
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This has been raised before on the forums.

FBI will check for any criminal offenses during your stay in the USA. It is not the responsibility of FBI to check for immigration status.

getting an fbi clearance in usa (in reply to: getting an fbi clearance in usa)
thanks anonymous, i dont have any criminal record here in usa beside i overstayed my visa here, the esiest way to communicate with my wife is here in usa by phone and chat, we have 6 weeks old baby and i realy want to live with them very soon, back to my problem, im affraid of getting fbi clearance for canada immigration purpose, i dont want to go back to my home country coz we got married here and all of our proof of relationship is here in usa
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Of course u can get ur police clearence from the FBI without any problem even if u overstayed ur visa.I did the same i overstayed my visa inthe US ,even registred with the FBI when they asked the citizens of some countries to report to the INS after sept 11th.Now i´m back in my home country and was asked to get the criminal record from the US i did and get it it jusy states :OVERSTAYED IMMIGRATION VISA which is a violation not a crime.
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