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  It really seems like Canadian Immigration hates Americans. My wife is sponsoring me from Canada and Canadian Immigration is giving us a REALLY hard time. I have never committed a crime or done anything illegally and it still seems like they do NOT want me here. All I want to do is LIVE and be with my wife and start a life with her and they are really trying to make that not happen. Whats the deal?
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family class sponsorship is a courtesy- not a right. It has nothing to do with your country of origin. it has EVERYTHING to do with the strength of your application. Is your application inland or outland? Inland applications are taking well over a year to complete.
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I wonder why you feel that way? Are there specific problems that you´ve had?

I´m curious because as an American who´s been through the process (FSW not spousal), I never felt discriminated against. It has been my experience so far living in rural Canada that many Canadians are a little wary of Americans, but as long as you try to assimilate rather than stand out, you´ll be fine (remember to pronounce z as zed!).

I sincerely hope that whatever your problems have been, you don´t hold it against Canada or Canadians. As Sharon pointed out, spousal applications can be complicated and lengthy, but only because Canada needs to make sure the relationship is genuine.

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Hi ya, it depends how you apply, did you submit all documents?
I mean, my bro is Canadian citizen and have an American wife, he submitted her application at buffalo and her wife got PR within 7 months.
so you must have done some thing wrong with your application otherwise I dont see any reason that they take too long.
see ya

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Negative thoughts attracts negativity. Buffalo is currently far stricter in spousal sponsorships, reason unknown.


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