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Subject: spousal interview tomorrow please help
  i have an interview tomorrow that´s outland, while going through a copy of the application submitted i realized that we wrote the wrong date for our marriage. what should i do because am freaking out here i hope that is not a reason to refuse our file. we sent in a copy of the marriage certificate with the correct date with the application could i explain that it is a error and it is the wrong date

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Tell them the first second you get that you made the mistake.

That is exactely why it is always best to have a disinterested party to always check over all your forms with a fine tooth comb.

The amount of spousal refusals lately from Hong Kong, Pakistan, New Delhi, Port of Spain and Buffalo has greatly increased. Over confidence is the worse thing any spousal applicant or sponsor can have.

The visa posts see many BOGUS marriage applications and then along comes innocent, in love, happy, giddy, bouncy you two. Then because you appear tooooooo happy they refuse you because they think your acting!

Some examples of recent refusals,

Step Children seem too happy in the photos with their step mother (Canadian) only one & a 1/2 year since father got divorced!

Wife is not as educated as husband. Yet wife (applicant)makes far more money then husband.

None of her family travelled with her to see her first wedding. They were planning a bigger wedding back in Canada which was noted in the file.

Applicant stated he hoped nature willing that he and his 45 year old bride could have a child. By the time of the ADR she had given birth to a healthy baby.

It is your responsibility to prove your relationship.

Any minor error like the wedding date the CIC staff will do their best to drive a wedge in that crack until your REFUSED.

Common Sense should prevail but some Visa Staff are so Jaded that any tiny error and then they get a story to tell around the water cooler.


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that should of been 1 1/2 years after divorce
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