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  Greetings to All,

I am filling out my immigration application, One quick question that came to my mind.

Is it required to provide English Proficiency Certificate such as TOFEL or IELTS (Which I don´t as of now)? Or is it OK without these certificates?

Thanks in advance

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If I may be so bold - STOP. You are applying at a time when all new applications are frozen in anticipation of new approval criteria. There is no point in applying until you know the new rules. They should be made public very soon.

In the mean time - we have been advising people to find a job offer and get a work permit or apply under the Provincial Nominee Program.

to answer your question directly, it must be IELTS (TOFEL is not accepted) or a declaration of proficiency. You are better off taking IELTS unless you are from an english speaking country and can prove you were educated in english, work in english and function proficiently in english. even with that... you cannot appeal your points for language if they assign you less than you think that you deserve. IELTS is the safest way to get your 16 points.

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