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Subject: Justice?

Need transcripts and can´t get them?

Need another passport?

When you read the main reason for regulating of Immigration Consultants by the politicians forged documents was the main reason to regulate consultants.

Then there is this-------

"As a former member of CSIC, & a former Fellow of the Canadian Migration Institute, I´m still available to assess, assist, & properly advise clients " before" they submit their various Applications to our Processing Centres in Canada, & to our Visa Offices abroad -- all before they pay any Fees to the Canadian Government."

I pay and pay and pay and.....

At least I can look myself in the mirror in the morning knowing that if one of my clients get into trouble CIC, CBSA, IRB and OAD will at least talk to me about my client.


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I don´t know about the legal system in details. Though can´t agree that the valid and genuine evidence can be overlooked due to proper legal procedure. In my eye, they should´ve punished and the police should´ve penalized for their sloppy works too.

Now it looks like a criminal couple got away from the court showing the V sign.

This judge should visit the typical Asian/latin countries and spend some time in the police stations there.

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