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Subject: missed to update

for veterans here:

i submitted my application form (family class) Nov 3.. i had been working on it ahead of months. i guess i started on the application forms since August.

in the background declaration of activity for the past ten years...i realized that i submitted only up to August 2008...though all forms were submitted November. i missed the month of Sept- present.

I then made an update to it and a letter of update and will mail it tomorrow to the visa office to avoid delays or being returned...

what do you think guys?

no matter how we check on papers, theres always this missing part...i hate myself...grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

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i asked some friends of their timeline too...i guess my whole package is not opened until a month after mailing it.....(hope opened earlier)...

i also put the file number on the envelope for their use....

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Update letter with the file number on he letter
The new form after correction
Congratulation, the absolute right thing to do.

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thanks...whoever you are for easing my worries...

i am glad i realized it earlier than wait for the papers be returned to me...

i did include the file number on the update letter, updated form and the envelope itself...


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