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Hi Richard,

Well I am going to Chicago tomorrow. I have a pretty busy schedule from Sunday to Wednesday but if we are done with the meetings and stuff early enough we might be able to get together for supper or a beer?

I will contact you here, if we can accomodate that great!, if not we´ll try next time.

Wednesday afternoon I am flying to Dayton and on Saturday I am flying back to Canada.



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Sounds good, Bill. I´ll look for your message here. Not sure which day you´ll be free, but if I´m around and not at work, looking forward to get together for dinner and an ale.

Good travels,

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I feel like the little kid sister... I wanna come toooooo!
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I´m jealous and thirsty!
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Come on down guys, and join Bill and me. We´d love to have you here.
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It will be great if we can get together. This time I am going down with so much stuff to get done and very limited time. But I will try!!!!

Catcha later guys, I have a plane to catch in about 2 hours!.



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