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Subject: Moving to Vancouver - Help Pls
  I am planning to move to Vancouver, currently I am living in London, Ontario.

I am looking for a fresh start, Vancouver seems to be a better place to live, I like nature related activities, so Vancouver might be a better choice,

Now I don´t know a single soul in Vancouver, Please guide me how to get started, I am moving in Jan 2009 and in december I will be travelling out of Canada,

I want to know where to find a cheaper place to live in central and clean neighbourhood in Vancouver, I can share , So i am looking for a furnished room kind of place, and also how and where to find a temporary job to make some living etc , doesn´t matter what kind of work it is.

By profession, I am looking for work in international business, foreign trade, marketing areas, I know it takes time to get a good job, Does vancouver has opportunities in this sector

your help on anything will be appreciated , Thanks

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Cheap and Vancouver???? you have to be kidding me. If you want something that isn´t a complete dive you are going to be paying at least $800 a month for a one bedroom and I would say that is still cheap. Then you want it to be furnished. I would say you are looking at 1200-1500 a month for a one bedroom, possibly more depending on how picky you are about location.

I would look online workopolis, HRDC those kinds of sites to see what kind of job you can find. You could also try the Vancouver Sun/Province Classifieds. The Sunday province usually has higher level positions advertised in it.

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