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Subject: mistake in application
  i have made a mistake when i submit my application in january 2007.my actual years of full time education was 14 but i mentioned 15 in initial application.i had corrected it when i updated recently.

would it be a problem?

also it is noted from the London CIC website, that processing time for the candidates with arranged employment is 6 months.but i am working in canada since 2007 december.i have send my LMO and arranged employment offer to CIC.

Should i send a reminder to them?


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Has your employer offered you a full-time job on an indeterminate basis (i.e. not for a specific time)?

You may want to read the following:




Ray Masa
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upon approval of my premanant residence, my employer will give me a full time permanent job.it is clearly mentioned in job offer.

what about the mistake in application?

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This is just my personal opinion, but if you corrected it in the update I think you should be ok. Did you explained the mistake and correction in the cover letter with the update? If not, they may question you on that, but if you tell them it was a mistake it should be ok.

However, a lot depends on the individual visa officer and how they will look at it.


Ray Masa
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