How to submit Police Verification Certificate

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Subject: How to submit Police Verification Certificate
I am Indian Citizen currently in USA on H1B Visa & applied for Canadian PR in Federal Skilled worker category in Ist week of septemeber at buffalo,NY.

While applying i didn´t submitted my police verification certificates from USA & India due to non availibility of same at that time.

Now I have recd. these from both countries but there is confusion regarding submission of same to Canadian Consultate.

As till date i haven´t recd. any file no. from buffalo regarding submission of my application & without this how could i submit these verification certificates to them.

If i write them a request letter of submission stating my application date & my name then there could be possibility of missing original documents.

If i don´t submit they will get expired because six month certificates are not valid.

Please Help

Thanks a lot in advance!!!!!!!!!!

USA PCC (in reply to: How to submit Police Verification Certificate)
How to get USA Police clearance certiicate ? Is it possible to get from india right now i am at indi. How to obtain USA Police certificate staying at india. Please advice me.

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Submission Code (SX22700) Copy The Code From The Left found in the brackets
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