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Just surfing around to see why my web site is not coming up as high as I would like it and I found this good explanation of H&C.

The one thing that they neglected to mention is that the Unusual, Undeserved or Disproportionate Hardship has to be something not anticpated by the IRPA or IRPR and in most cases beyond the persons control.

They could of included that when you submit a Humanitarian & Compassionate application and you quote a part of something it is always best to attach the whole document for the decision maker to review. There may be some other benificial information you over looked.


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Whoops I take it back!

What should I include in my background information?

The issue of your refugee claim has already been decided and any issue that relates to your refugee claim can not be decided by an Immigration Officer. You can submit a simultaneous H&C application. Establishment in Canada importance depends on when and how you became established.

The Refugee Board decides if you are or your not a refugee and CIC Officers decide if your admissable for any reason including H&C.


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