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Subject: Look before you Leap
  For those who have been patiently waiting for their PR or are now thinking Canada or the US is the answer to all of their problems - please, take a little bit of time to fully grasp what has happened to the economies of both countries in the last 3-4 months before you get on that airplane.

The economies in both countries are starting to tank and there are significant layoffs beginning to happen. That means there are going to be more and more Canadians/Americans competing with YOU for the same jobs and quite frankly - they will have the advantage.

If you thought settlement was difficult 3-5 years ago, the current situation makes the past 3-5 look like a tea party. Analysts suggest we are 2-3 years away from any sort of turnaround.

I am not trying to scare you. If you have a high demand skill, or if you have arranged employment - GO FOR IT. But please, look carefully at the situation where you hope to settle to insure you make the most of this huge step in your life.

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yah that does suck alot but life is still much better and the quality of life is much greater then lots of places and there are plenty jobs all over especially in the west... there is more job openings then people in some cities.

My husbands parents and brother are already applying after comming over from england on a 2 week holiday.

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more jobs, temporarily. the world changed around September 15th.
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"there is more job openings then people in some cities"

Can anyone tell me the names of the citiies? Just curious.

Anyway, all perspective immigrants must know & realize the subject matter. The situation is very scary, and worse of all; this is just the begining, we aren´t at the real bad time yet. Sign of relief is unpredictable.

In the US the peofessional market still didn´t face any dramatic slump but I now hear that the recent international grads aren´t getting much responses from the employers. many of them have to either return home or have to admit into another program to keep their immigration status.

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DC, I think our friend has a bad case of Ostrich or Pollyanna - take your pick.

in my work world, the retail purchasing tap literally turned off over night. Large construction projects have been stalled, and employers are really looking at conserving cash. Canada may avoid the deep problems that the US is facing but we won´t escape them entirely. Look at the news from China in the last 2 days.

I have a really good job that is virtually recession proof and man-o-man, am I feeling fortunate. My friends in other professions are checking on their seniority and any talk of changing jobs at the moment has totally stopped. Nobody wants to be out there looking for a new job right now.

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Situation is more or less the same here, construction is on hold; especially the PVT. ones. In my profession the ones who used to rely on the residential/commercial developments got the hit most. We rely fully on the Govt. funded projects, are not in that threat yet. Though this year wasn´t a good year for us at all. We lost several million dollar worth of contracts one after one. Last week the new transportation budget was anounced and it is looking very good.

I heard that the IT industry here is not that affected yet.

Retail sales is also decrased greatly here and Govt. is worried about poor sales tax.

Indian economy also got a huge jolt. I heard news of lay off from Alberta too, even the engineers.

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Electronic Arts just did a significant layoff in the electronic gaming sector. They are a biggie in the industry so people were quite shocked to hear they were pulling back. I am sure their are others.

Alberta is going to have a problem if oil stays at current prices. They can´t make money bringing out oil from the tar sands at that price.

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There are some IT folks who are taking heed... Have had 2 contracts with recruiters disappear into thin air over the past 3 weeks due to putting the position on ´hold´....

Hopefully it doesn´t grind to a complete halt as some of us still need to find work... :)

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Unfortunately still we aren´t near the closer to the bottom.
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