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Subject: help needed police record
  Dear friends i just send my passport a few months ago along with my medicals all of my doc seens perfect exect for that now they are asking me for fbi police certificate and the state cetificate right now i am in ecuador south america when i asked the US embassy about these papers they ask me to go back to usa in order to get it

i dont know what to do....
Shall i ask the immigration office to send me my passport in order to go to usa and get my fbi police certificate ???

also i have a scholarship in us so in order to continue with my education i will have to leave this country before the 20 of jan so i will really need my passport i dont know what to do please help me in this cituation would give me a good advice

best regards

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You don´t need to go to the USA to get the police certificate. I´ve got it from my home country.

Check this out:

Good luck!

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