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Subject: help appreciated
  greetings to all=)i recently graduated from George Brown College and currently working part time under my post graduate work permit. I am an instructor therapist (deals with behavioral/autistic patients) and have have not been successful in finding a center based (office/clinic) work but i do have home care clients. my concern at the moment is the renewal of my work permit which will expire june 2009. I know i have to get my LMO, but how do i go about it if my clients only hire me at a part time basis? can my clients apply for LMO?
I am also considering applying for PR but i am uncertain with road to take. The work i do is considered one of the under pressure jobs in BC but i am living here in Toronto. How do i apply for that?
Another thing, if i am successful in obtaining an LMO and extend my work permit, can i get an AOE as well (with my part time client) for my PR application?
i am in dire need of some clarity regarding. Help would be much appreciated =)
thank you!

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Real Good Question!!!!

Call 1-800-O-CANADA and ask for HRSDC foreign worker telephone number. Not in the office today so I do not have it handy. Listen to the prompts then push number 5.

The funny thing is HRSDC approval is not connected with CIC and they don´t really like one another.

In theory your 15 digit business number and some adverts should get you a LMO from your own company, if, if, if.

Best to talk directly to the experts though. HRSDC might have a better way like giving you a grant to hire some fellow students.

Wish you all the best.


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well i called hrsdc and i was informed that i am classified as self employed and will not need an LMO. now how am I supose to renew my work permit without an LMO? any please help!!!!
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