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Subject: H & C updates
I have applied for PR under H & C. I wants to update my information in my CIC file. Can i send them the documents by fax? or i should send by mail.
I don´t have lawyer or consultant now. My lawyer moved to USA last year.

My local CIC office is Windsor, Ontario. I found their fax number on the web.
The info i wants to update is: tax papers "notice of assesment" , employment letter and children school report cards.

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Send them by snail mail.

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snail mail = Canada post

Go to the post office and mail them.

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Thanks Roy & Carrie!
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I sent the updates. Just wondering how long it´ll take untill they´ll call me?
I applied in 2003. My file transfered to Windsor office in 2004. Since then, whenever i check the online file status , it says the file is under proces.

Other local people who applied during the same period, got their PR in 2008.

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