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Subject: Sponsoring Spouse
  Hi All

I am sponsoring my husband. I have a question regarding proving that we both are still in contact with each other.

In our case, i am the one who is being in touch with him and making phone calls. He does call me but once in a while. We dont have any communication through emails because he is always busy with 2 jobs.

What my concern is now that is it going to be a problem that he wont be able to submit anything to prove that we are still in contact with each other. I am planning to send the phone bills that i have with the phone calls i did to him.

Is there anything else i can do.

Please help me....i am looking forward to your reply.

Thanks in advance

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how about greeting cards? or snail mails? or financial support receipts?

what exact type of application are you in?

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" what exact type of application are you in? "

^ what do you mean?

well he sent me money through westren union and i have a cheque made by westren union, how can i use that to show that he is financially helping me.

i do have cards but it wasn´t mail to me but someone brought it for me when they were coming to canada..... so it doesnt have his address to show that he sent me.... and on most of ´em he didnt even write his name :S huh

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I was asking if you are a PR sponsoring your husband, or you are still applying for PR as well together with your spouse sponsorship.

Your first question was...more proofs of "contact" you can use.

Genuineness of the relationship is another BIG thing.

Yes you can show Western U receipts, (showing his name and yours). for me, that is contact. correct me here if im wrong.

we all have different cultures....different types of guys...

some guys are NOT into writing stuffs type, some are.

some guys dont write their behalf at all...esp if the phone is just there open for communication...

if i were you....id still submit the cards he sent you, whether sent through a friend or not...im sure the officers will take a look at the content of the cards...and how they were written.

how about the mails you sent him? most often, women are into writing stuffs...

any worries?

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hey thanks so much for replying.

i am a canadian citizen, living here in canada for last 12 years.

yeh he is not into writing at all...i wanted to write to him but cuz i knew he wont get time to read any of my emails..... (he is doctor by profession and always busy running to one hospital to another) so i didnt write him either.....beside he says when we talk everyday on the phone what is there to write about in the emails.....

but i think i should submit the cards along with my paper work.

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one more thing.....

i have asked this before but no one really helped me.
you are replying to me so nicely and actually trying to help me, that i think i can ask you about another thing

see he graduated from a non-register university and when he was filling his paper work and he went to the university to get some papers they advised him not to submit his degree or show that he is graduated from this university because it is not register and he will have some difficult time getting sponsored.

However, i told him "i dont think it matters to immigration people that where you graduated´ but he didnt listen to me. He wanted to be on the safe side so when he filled his paperwork he didnt mention about the degree instead for that period of time he was also doing homeopathic studies so he showed that.

Now i have two questions.
Do you think i should include his allopathic degree (which is from a non registered university) or should i just leave it out? ofcourse leaving it out would be easy because than i wont have to make any changes in the papers.

The other concern i have is that is it possible for him evaluate and upgrade his allopathic degree when he come here, he is willing to study. If you don?t know about this, do you know where i can get some information about this.

Thanks for taking time and replying to my concern!

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This is how i see it:

Be honest with your application form:
some routes are easily tracked.

if that degree is a prerequisite to a higher study, they would know it...and you he will be asked to explain about it.

if its not: u better be very good in lying and turning things upside down.

it will be asked also about his detailed past activity...(past 10 years).
and that should match his addresses and whereabouts.

of course CIC wont mind whatever kind of school you went to as long as you have the certificates...

i suggest that you study first the application before sending it. have someone check it.

if youre a Canadian Citizen, its faster (depending from what region your other half is) to convert him to a beaver or maple.

how long have you been married that hes not into writing stuff? doctors at least should learn to love to hold a pen...or any scratch paper to convey messages for you.

i guess its more considerable if a guy is so poor in writing...but i believe, that no matter what metal level a person is....if youre in love...you would do crazy things...

yes...he could upgrade his skills here...

from what country is he now?may i ask?

i love sharing ideas...it wont eat a penny from me...
youre very welcome...

but if you get better and reliable ones...pls listen to hard experienced ones here...

Sponsor a girlfriend/spouse? (in reply to: Sponsoring Spouse)
Ok this is my second time posting about sponsoring a spouse. I am not married to her yet but have intentions to seriously get married ASAP. I have 2 questions:
1-is it easier to file an application by myself or should I go through a lawyer? I´d rather save the extra money spent on the lawyer.
Application to Sponsor Imm1344
2-I have good communication with her through emails + telephone + videochats and am planning to go see her also. I can see from the previous post that even only telephone calls will do. How strong of a case do I have?

I also know a friend who actually got his girl-friend sponsored in this way and that was 7 to 8 years ago. All he showed was letters + pictures! Thank you for your time.

Sharyar Jaleel
Sponsoring common-law (in reply to: Sponsoring Spouse)
Hi Dave!

I was about to write a letter to canadian embassy and i decided to ask you first. I am sponsoring my same sex common-law from mexico, we lived in mexico together then I came here got an apartmjent found a job etc and submitted all the paperwork somewhere in August. The paperwork is already in mexico processing but its very hard for us to be on a long distance and my common law cant come because she overstayed her visa before in Canada. I wanted to write them a letter to tell them if she could come here and we would await for their decision here. We are so heartbroken to be apart and far. I cant even think about anything else but her to be here. Do you think it will help for me to write them a letter asking their permission for her to come here?

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Stella, they will most likely turn you down simply because they don´t believe your partner will go home if your application fails. your wait won´t be that much longer.

be strong.

Spousal sponsorship application (in reply to: Sponsoring Spouse)
I have a spousal application for my girl friend (common law). My girl friend had a refuge application rejected previously. I put the sponsorship application in on March 08. In October 08, my application was sent to the ?local office? in Toronto. Originally, I was told by my lawyer that the application would take 6 months. Now I hear that when the application is sent to the local office, it could take another year!!!
My girl friend doesn?t currently have a status in Canada since her refuge claim was denied. They tried deporting her before. However, we applied for a deferral and got it hoping that our application would be processed in 6 months. Now they are looking at removing her again.
Does anyone know the processing time once an application has been passed to the local office in Toronto?
Is there a way to speed up the application?
If they remove her, can we ask that the in Canada application continue being processed even though she is not in Canada or would I have to start a new application?
I would appreciate any information that could help me.