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Subject: to roy and sharon--need advice
  My wife received a letter from vegreville alberta processing center last October 2008,ASKING HHER TO EXPLAIN WHY SHE DID DECLARE IN HER LIVE-IN CAREGIVER FORM(LCP) THAT SHE SHE IS SINGLE,when in fact she is already married in 2002which she filed in NOVEMBER 2003.THIS IS HER EXPLANATION REGARDING THE LETTER.

a.after our marriage in 2002,she went back to work in singapore and still using her single status in her passport.sometme in september 2003 in singapore,her employer inform her to renew her passport because it was nearing her expiration on october 2003.So, my wife requested for a MARRIAGE CERTIFICATE from the national statistic office in our country in the philipines so that she can change her single status to married,because this is one the requrements in the philippine consulate in singapore.Unfortunately,the auntheticated marriage certificate is not yet available at that time in our, my wife has no choice but to renew her passportr again as single status and in in NOVEMBER 2003,her passport was released from department of foreign afairs-singapore.
B.In NOVEMBER 2003,she got a job offer in canada as acaregiver and when filling up the live in caregiver form(LCP),she wrote down single in her marital status instead of married and according to her she just followed her status in her single status in her passport because of confuscion on her,this what the visa officer is trying to point out.IN february 2004,she came to canada and began work as a caregiver.In january 2005 she went back to the philippinesfor a vacation and during her vacation in the philippines she finaly renewed her passsport to married.when she camr back to canada,she changed her employer and got another employer and applied for another WORKPERMIT and in her new workpermit her status is already married and is using her married name from now on until she completed the program and was issued an open workpermit in 2007.she also maintain married status in her health card, T4.

C.In October 2007 when she was issued a OPEN workpermit she already included me in her application for PERMANENT RESIDENCE,as her SPOUSE. In JANUARY 2008,i received a permanent residence application kit(LC2) from the embassy in the philippines which she applied for me and did answer it for my BACKGROUND AND SECURITY CHECK and after which,I mailed it back.after that i recived my MEDICAL FORM which i´ve done already.As of now my wife is waiting for the reply in vegriville processing center.What are the chances of the application of my wife.will the visa officer consider my wife expalnation.i hope somebody could advise regarding this matter.

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My opinion:

She should have written "Married" in her application for LCP even without changing or using the husbands name.

If youre on a temporary work permit, you can change status anytime...single to married...

I guess that CIC is questioning WHY IT TOOK HER SO LONG TO CHANGE IT? and


even if you got married DECEMBER 2002, there was like 10-11 months before she filed her application for LCP(. Nov 2003).

You mean to say that for almost a year, theres no available
Marriage Certificate yet?

She could renew her passport using her maiden name, but should have used "married" on the status.

She should have written reasonable reasons why it took her long to change her is not the name they are after...i hope she could pass it.

I know lots of good advisers here in this forum...

Wait for their replies.

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yes ur correct,due to my wife lapse of judgement and confuscion,she should have written married instead of single.our married certtificate was registered late by our municipality,so it took so long to get it in the national statistic office.
In your own opinion anonymous,will the visa officer consider her appeal.
Thanks and more power!

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