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Subject: Please help me to take decision
  Hi guys,
I have completed my medical for permanent resident application under skilled worker class in Buffalo more than 6 months. Still now no passport request.

I am in Canada under study permit & recently I have got H1B visa for USA. Now I am thinking to move to USA. If I move to USA, what I have to do like do I have to inform Buffalo?
If I inform then will it be more delay to process my application.

Thank you in advance for any suggestion.

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I guess the first question might be - if you move to the US, how will you maintain your landing and residency requirements in Canada during the next 5 years?

your medical is good for a year.the background checks may be taking longer than normal for a variety of reasons. Are you sure CIC got your medical? have you changed your address in any way? I would inquire before I do anything else. I would also get my CAIPS notes to determine why things are taking so long. it could be a simple thing such as an exhausted quota.

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Hi Sharon,
First of thank you for your reply.
After landing I think just need 2 years out of 5 years to stay in Canada to maintain permanent residency.

I am not sure yer CIC have got me medical, I e-mailed Buffalo regarding my medical just got reply my application is in process & they are unable to provide an exact date when my application will be completed.

Do a need to change the address or can keep the same address because my mailing address is relative address.

Recently I have ordered for CAIPS notes.

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