Canadian/American marriage....question!!

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Subject: Canadian/American marriage....question!!
  Hi, I am canadian and have recently married an American. I am currently in the U.S. with my husband but am planning to return to Canada at the end of the month and we plan to live together in Canada. My question is: Can my husband come with me at that time (he has a passport) and once we get there begin the immigration process for him to become a permanant resident?? Or, do we need to complete some type of paperwork/request prior to him travelling to Canada?

Thanks for any input!!

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Hi Jill, I believe the safest way is for you to apply for a spousal sponsorship. You are best off doing this as an outland application only because if your application should fail you have the right to appeal. If you file an inland application and it fails, you cannot appeal it. However this doesn´t mean that your husband can not come to Canada with you - just make sure that there is a US address you can use for the application. I believe that US citizens can come and go in Canada relatively easily so long as they do not outstay their welcome! Hopefully someone can tell you how long an average outland spousal sponsorship can take.
Hope that helps, and if this information is incorrect then I hope someone can correct it. Please check out the following website which should help.


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Hi Karen....thanks for the information and suggestions. Just out of curiosity, what would be some of the reasons that our inland application may fail...if we decide to go that route?

We´ve been doing lots of research regarding us/candian immigration and it would appear that the canadian process suits us better as we do not want to be apart during this lengthy process.

Again thanks so much for your time!!


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Hi, I´m not sure why it could fail - I guess if they don´t believe the marriage is for real but think it is just a way of getting your husband across the border. I have been asking the same questions for some friends of mine who are in a similar situation.
Sorry I can´t be more concrete with my answer for you!


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Inland vs outland is a matter of where the paperwork is processed, not where your husband is staying. That means he can accompany you to Canada and file an Outland application. The file will ultimately be evaluated in the US. The only implication of this is if the IO questions the genuineness of the marriage your husband will need to travel back to the US for the interview.

Filing inland will be about 12 months until the PR is finalized. Outland is approximately 6 months.

The choice is yours, but my recommendation is to file outland.

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Does anyone know the best steps for a Canadian to marry and American and live in the US? I want to go over the border with my belongings aftewards as well and not get in trouble for bringing cars/possesions.

Also what about work? Should I stay as a Canadian and be a ´consultant´ since I am a Database Admin (computer tech) or can I get legal work here as an employee?


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I am going to get married to an American in Canada..Im Canadian. Is there going to be trouble with him coming back and forth? Hes in the US military.He wont be living with me I am staying in Canada.
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what should i do before she gets here,in two weeks at most,can you give me some pionters or ideas of what to do ,i am lost on this sudject ,like marriage

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what are the government requirements for a canadian to marry an american in the states what, if any, benifits are they entitled to????
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our 60+ year old grandfauther married an american in the usa and is flagpoling back and fourth ! (in reply to: Canadian/American marriage....question!!)
I would just like to no some information about what happens when a canadian marries an american in the usa and they plan on living 8 months in canada and 4 months in usa is this legal ?
Thank you so much for any information !

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The Canadian will need to show permanent residence in Canada and sponsor the American for legal status. maximum visits are 6 months. Besides, without formal permanent status, there may be problems crossing the border.