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Subject: SINP

I had applied for SINP-family class last year plus also managed to find myself a job in the same province and the letter of employment was submitted along with the application. I got nominated this year in october and now i need to submit federal documents in Islamabad (Pakistan) at canada embassy. I have also been sent a work permit letter by Saskachewan Province along with the nomination letter.

Should i apply for the work permit or only for the Permanent Residence?

If i apply and get the work permit, will my (PR) case be transferred to Canada?

Will applying for work permit speeden up my application processing time for the permanent residence?

need to know about canada visa by sinp (in reply to: SINP)
i need to know about canada visa by "SINP" and how can i apply n where to find to know about ur requirements ? after applying how much take time visa will be given to me ...

surinderpal singh
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