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Subject: Application retreat

My occupation is not on the list, and I wonder what´s next?

I am waiting for the immigration office to return my application, but it has been 3 months since I submitted my application.

Should I send a request to retreat my application or just wait?

Can anyone please let me know if they will return my application fee under either circumstance.

Does anyone has received their returned application?


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sorry that things are not going as you hoped.

they will just be starting the process or working their way through all the applications since Feb 08 to assess against the persribed NOC codes. It will likely take a few months before they get caught up.

Is there any way you can find yourself a job offer or get close to one of the NOC codes? read the expanded list on each listing. there is more there than you realize. You may be able to resubmit in a way that would qualify you.

if you can hang on, I would wait for them to return your application - you never know.

Thank you so much, Sharon! (in reply to: Application retreat)
My occupation is Financial Analyst, closet to Accountant.

I will read the expanded list and wait for them to return my application, will they return my application fee by then?

Thank you so much!

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that is my understanding.
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