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Subject: What should I take to interview?
  Hello everyone.

I have to attend a interview with my Common-law in a few weeks. In the letter they said that we have to prove our relationship is genuine. I have prepeared the following:

Tons of photos of us over the past years.
home videos of us over the years.
Jiont bank account statments.


1- is this enough to prove our relationship is genuine?
2- Can I put the pics and video on a CD and give it to them?
3- will they interview us separately?

If anyone has any advice that could help me, it would be appreciated.

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R U for real?

Is your relationship for real? BRING COMMON SENSE!

The time to prove your CL relationship was when you applied. Why did you not submit tons of photos then? Be prepared for a question why the two of you never married. Why did you leave it to the last minute to submit your spousal sponsorship?.

Leave the video at home they have no device nor time to watch same during a marriage interview.

Okay I´ll give you a couple "more" normal questions.

Are you pregnant?
Are the two of you trying to start a family? NO!
What form of contraceptive are you currently using?
Who showered first this morning?
When was the last time you consummated your relationship?
What did both of you have for breakfast this morning?

When you submit a spousal sponsorship based on a Common Law relationship yourself you do not have an experienced representative that would go to the marriage interview with you nor do you have an experienced representative to put you through a marriage interview before the real one.

Fixing something at this late stage is no easy task. Being penny wise and pound foolish when it comes to your lover MO, ahhhh end of comment.


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