Educated immigrants finding jobs

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Subject: Educated immigrants finding jobs
This CBC News report, out today, should give pause to all university educated immugrants expecting to easily find jobs in their fields:

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this is one of the basic motivations for changing the rules around NOC codes. Canada was simply using education as a filter to reduce the number of applicants rather than addressing the skill needs of the country. Everyone is paying the price now. Canada is short specific skills and immigrants are struggling to find appropriate work.

Canada has been training the same skills that are arriving every day. Who is going to get the job... the person that has command of the language, the person who is savvy to the nuances of the culture etc or the person that cannot fully function in the language of industry or commerce. Some jobs are more critical than others.

How many spouses of skilled workers do not speak either official language. You can be a rocket scientist and inability to communicate is enough to have your resume put to the side.

It is horrible, harsh and unfair. The list of reasons listed by CBC do not fully tell the story and there is no weight placed on each point. I would bet you language is by far the biggest factor.

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The other issue is when it comes to occupations NO where does it allow CIC to pick the best of the best in any occupations.

A Chef from Joe´s diner and a Chef from the Ritz if having the same years of experience and graduating from the same academy gets the same points.



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