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Subject: Arranged Employment Qs
  Hello All,

I have found myself an employer who is willing to help me take the AE route for my FSW application, but then again, there are a few loose ends in my understanding that would need tidying up.

I would really really appreciate if any of you could shed some light on the questions below on Arranged Employment :

Issue : I start working on TWP with company X in Canada and they agree to support my FSW appication by giving neccessary documentation on Arranged Employment

Question : Since my job category is HSRDC LMO exempt, will a letter from my employer supporting "permanent employment" in the case of grant of PR, with job duties, etc. be enough in this case as SUPPORTING document ?

Issue : My circumstances change and I get employed by company Y OUTSIDE of Canada (say, in US), but my AE employer, Company X, is still willing to employ me permanently after grant of PR.

Question : What happens if I move out of Canada with a different employer, during my PR application in progress ? Will this lead to a "denial" of my application ? Is it MANDATORY that my TWP be valid and I work for this employer (who supported my AE) all throughout until the grant of PR ?

Issue : My Canadian Company X (who supported AE) gets liquidated or lays me off.

Question : How does my PR application get affected in such circumstances ? Does it get "denied" automatically ?


My status (to help in your understanding my case better) :

84 points without AE (can apply PR "without AE" as a foreign worker legally in Canada for more than 1 year)

94 points with AE (can apply PR with these extra 10 points for faster processing)



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