Travel document application processing time?

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Subject: Travel document application processing time?
  Has anyone (having Canadian PR status but with PR card yet to be received status) applied for a travel document in any Canadian Embassy / visa office (especially in Abu-Dhabi). If so how much time does it take for them to issue the travel document? Any information in this regard, if you would like to share, is highly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

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Travel document processing times is in days.

Why don´t you ask your friend to mail/courier your PR cards to your address?

Canada has no restriction on mailing of genuine identity documents. You try to find out whether it is allowed in the country where you are currently residing.

Your previous query was whether your friend can carry PR cards belonging to your family. Carrying another person´s identity documents is never recommended especially when crossing international borders. However, you can provide authorization letter to him, so, that he can explain if asked which is unlikely unless he is carrying them in his pocket and showing them around.

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