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Subject: UAE Police clearance

Anyone applied for a Clearance in U.A.E. can please share their experience....thanks....
Iam applying for a Police Clearance in Abu Dhabi, my fingerprint form was already authenticated by (JLAC) Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in Ottawa and I have a few questions to clarify:

1.What will I send to the UAE Embassy in Ottawa? is it only the authenticated fingerprint form ?

2.Since I´am applying for Abu Dhabi Clearance,where will i send the application to Dubai or Abu Dhabi?

3.To whom shall I made the Money order payable to? Is it to DUBAI POLICE GENERAL H.Q.? and How much?

4.Can you recommend a courier that i can used for this service.

5.How long does it take from the time you send it to UAE Embassy
and receive the Clearance in Canada?


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Hi, follow the link above to find some of your answers... but not all... here is there phone number in case you need them...

Abu Dhabi Police GHQ.

Tel 024461461
Fax 024193461
P.O.Box 253

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Need further instructions:

Hello,I am so helpless applying UAE police clearance in behalf of my husband Rowel Acain.The requirements were all complete except the applicable fees going to Police dept.I sent it 3times but it always comeback without result.

Theres the address in the website:Ministry of Interior Abu Dhabi,thata is what was the website Ive followed.I faxed them also many times ,even the Phil.Consulate there in abuDhabi but they reject my inquiry.

Can anyone help me?People that assigned in POBOX 398 AbuDhabi cant communicate well and they have different version of how much the applicable fees there(payable to whom?),what mode of payment and what courier?Ive done Canada Express Post and Fed Ex but it came back.Is DHL the best courier to used?

Now,I do have another website found:ABUDHABI GHQ,PO BOX 2536 can I used this POBOX for another try?I am losing hope and running out of time with the Canadian Embassy there in Manila,i am starting the application since Sept.2008.Until now,February 2009 I cant access to that police clearance.Please help me.(This is for non residence)

Jhovy of Canada

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eto para sayo

pag natapos ka na sa UAE embassy sa ottawa.
ipadala mo naman sa kakilala mo sa abu dhabi.
personal mong ipakisuyo. medyo luma na site, nag inquire ako last month ang sabi sa akin ipalakad ko sa kakilala ko sa uae.
email mo ito kung may karagdagan tanong ka pa.


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bago na pala address nila

Our new address is located at :
125 Boteler Street
Ottawa , Ontario
K1N 0A4

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To get a certificate of good conduct and a criminal record check from the United Arab Emirates, you have to follow these steps:

1)A fingerprint form legalized by the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Ottawa***
2)A copy of your previous residence permit in the United Arab Emirates/copy of passport
3)4 colored passport size photographs

Then, you have to send all the required documents mentioned above to the Ministry of Interior (Police Department) in Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

The Address is:
Police Department ? Abu Dhabi
P.O.B. 398
Abu Dhabi, U.A.E.
Tel: 971-2-441 4666
Fax: 971-2-441 4938

Police Department ? Dubai
P.O. B. 4333
Tel: 971-4-398 1111
Fax: 971-4-398 1119

Before submitting the above mentioned document to the Police Department, you have to contact them to inquire about the fees (ex: money order should be made payable to?) and the courier company, etc?.

We suggest that you send the documents to a friend and your friend can obtain the certificate from the Police Department on your behalf so the processing time will be
faster than sending it directly by courier to the Police Department.

***How to get fingerprint form:
You have to go to any Police station in your area and request for fingerprint. Then send it to

Attention: Legalization of documents Section (JLAC).
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade
125 Sussex Drive,
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0G2

for legalization and The fee is: Free of Charge

After the Department?s legalization, please forward the document to the Embassy of the United Arab Emirates in Ottawa for legalization along with money order of
CAD$50.00 payable to

Embassy of the United Arab Emirates

and prepaid return envelope.
The UAE Embassy?s address:

Attention: Consular section
125 Boteler Street
K1N 0A4

for any other info, you may contact them;
Tel. No. 613 565 7272 ext. 224

Address change for UAE Embassy (in reply to: UAE Police clearance)
With reference to the last thread, I wish to confirm the address of the UAE Embassy in Canada.

I have an email forwarded to me by the UAE embassy which provides the following address:

45 O´Conner Street, Suite 1800
Ottawa, Ontario

However I see in the thread a different address:

125 Boteler Street,
Ottawa, Ontario,

Which one is correct?

Also when you send the fingerprint form for legalization to JLAC, what other documents do you need to enclose, do I need to send the original fingerprint form and will I get it back. Do I need to attach a letter explaining what I require from them? How do I go about doing so?

Thanks and regards,

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sir i applied for the good conduct certificate from Abu-Dhabi police with all the required documents the address is GHQ P.o Box253 Abu Dabi. but they are not accepting the courier.what shoul i do now?
Dubai Penal Clearance Certification (in reply to: UAE Police clearance)
To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to enquire as to how I can obtain a Penal Clearance Certification from Dubai.I am here in Cebu City,Philippines.Where can i get a form to fill up and certified fingerprints form?

Please provide details as to what information I must provide, and to whom I must sent it to (including an address). My previous residence visa permit is from Ajman Dubai.

Yours sincerely,
Cheryll Chua
(Philippines citizen and resident of Dubai for periods between 2003 November and August 2008)

Dubai Penal Clearance Certification (in reply to: UAE Police clearance)
To Whom It May Concern,

Follow up questions and request.Can you tell me step by step of what to do first of how to get a Penal Clearance Certification from Dubai.
Like for example i have to do the following requirements to complete first here in Cebu City,Philippines.
1.Where can i get a form to fill up.
2.Where can i get a certified fingerprints form.
3.After i get this form and certified fingerprints where can i send the exact address of this documents.
4.Is this documents will send first to U.A.E Embassy in Manila to Legalized?what is there contact and address?
5.If this documents will legalized first in U.A.E embassy in manila,would they send back my documents and how many days will i wait?
6.After i get back my fingerprints legalized by the U.A.E embassy in manila,whats next i will do?
7.Can you give me the exact address in Ajman Dubai Police cause my previous residence permit is from Ajman Dubai.
8.How much is the payment in (dirham/pesos) to send the documents in Dubai?
9.How many days will i wait to get my Penal Clearance Certification from Dubai?

Yours sincerely,

Cheryll Chua

a question (in reply to: UAE Police clearance)
please i am confused because to make the police clearance from uae to make my application they ask me for it i know the steps to get it but the problem is that i had a problem before in uae and my question is if i apply for it does my proble gonna be appeared on the police clearance ?second question is can my problem be a cause of my application being refused or it concerns the big how is my problem ? please help my email is :