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Subject: Pregnancy and medicals
  Hi All:

After waiting so long, I received medical request forms for me and for my family (wife and a son).

The problem is that my wife can?t do her medicals because she is pregnant and being exposed to X-ray could be harmful to the fetus.

I have heard that I need to inform CIC about this and so they will wait until giving birth.

Is this true?
Do I have to do the test and postpone only the X-ray test?
During the waiting period, if new rules take place, will this possibly affects my application negatively?

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I think you are smart in waiting for your wife to do her XRays. As far as I understand it, you and your son can go ahead and do yours and she can wait until after she gives birth. She can do the rest of the exam now.

Definitely inform CIC; the wait is no big deal. Not sure what happens if new rules come into play during your waiting period, but you are so close, I´m not sure they would affect an almost-complete process.

Congratulations to you and your family.

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Thanks "wannabecanadian" for your advise. but don´t you think it is better to postpone the medicals for all of the family and do it together after giving birth. remember, the visa ends after one year from the medicals date which will give us more time.
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