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Subject: Lowering of points- For Canadian PR
  I have noticed that the CIC has reduced the points for PR in Canada. Is there really an influx of more immigrants because of this? Does Canada really need more qualified people? I have researched quite a bit on the job market in Canada and it is quite dismissal in a lot of fields, even for people with advanced educational degrees from US and Canadian schools, many having to settle for jobs below their caliber. I have friends from reputed Canadian schools wanting to come to the US and work. Even the competition for jobs is fierce when compared to the US. I would love to immigrate to Canada because I love the liberal attitude of Canada and its people, plus the added fact that the US residency process for a foreigner like myself in the US is long and cumbersome. Iam making this comparison only from a US perspective. I maybe wrong, what do you think? I hope this immigration process to Canada is not all about the CIC getting a nice profit from application fees and other fees that "hopeful" immigrants have to cough up. Does anyone know the ground reality in Canada or could they share their stories . "Is the grass really greener on the other side."
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I have noticed that the Chinese immigrants from mainland China don´t appreciate the benefits of Canada. They argue that China is a much better place to live, though it has corruptions, diseases and media restriction. Is China a better place than Canada? Canada should stop giving citizenship to such people who don´t love Canada, but love China.
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China is a very big place. I live in a community that is 50% Chinese. Some have come to make a better life... and for those, they have tried very hard to become part of our communities. They work hard and they appreciate what Canada has allowed them to accomplish. And yes, you are also right that there are some who come and want to cherry pick what is good about Canada (like education and health care) but never really become Canadians. It is a challenge for me to welcome them with open arms.
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sharon, how did you know the Chinese people in your community, you make friends with them? it seems that you understand them quite well.
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I have many Chinese friends. Canada is very multi-ethnic so I do not even consider what colour my friends are! I don´t even think about it.

My last post... I want to clarify. Every culture has Users so I regret that I jumped into the conversation that singled out China. Not a good decision on my part.

If I could run Immigration Canada all by myself and not have to answer to anyone... I would want to offer more opportunities to those who will never be able to improve their situations in their home country. Those who would see Canada as their chance to change their future. Points or not. of course it would not work... but I wish it would.

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Conspiracy man you hit the nail on its head! It is the long drawn out and cumbersome INS process in the US that is causing this illusion that Canada is easier! Post 911, America lost its good senses. Whatever the actual reality on either side, if you did not file your paperwork at the right time in the US, the costs quickly become prohibitive to continue staying there... So Canada gives relief! I would rather sit in Canada and muse myself with its liberal, albiet bonded to Britain, culture than feed the attorneys in the US. I own search for jobs in Canada over a year shows me there are very very limited opportunities for chemical scientists. Almost miniscular compared to the US. But Canada is also 10 times smaller than the US. Take that into account. But Canada has a lot of room for people who would like to start business, such as a small chemical company. It is easier to start small business (in technology) in Canada than the US (costs). So if you are into service industry, it might look tough to find much that is worthwhile. If you are enterpreneureal, there is more room and you are more welcome! This is my take on Canada.
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