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Subject: job & spouse sponsorship
  Hey all

I have already applied for spousal sponsorship in Nov and i haven?t heard anything so far. I do understand it is due to the holidays. I have decided I am going to visit my husband maybe in mid Jan or Feb for atleast 6 months and for that I?ll have to quit my job. I have recently started working in this company since Aug 2008 and did submit my job ref letter with sponsorship papers.

Now that I am gona quit the job in order to visit my husband, do you think I am gona have a hard time ?

Do you think i need to wait a little longer before i go back to visit him?
Thanks in advance

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can any one of you tell me what should i do?
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yes, you are going to have a hard time because you are not really visiting - you are moving in advance of a positive PR application. CIC never likes having to go looking for someone to deport them so they would prefer that they not let you in the country to start with.

Be sure you can prove that you are going home after your visit.

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sorry i wasnt clear enough.....

i am a canadian citizen and living here in canada for past 12 years. I got married 6 months ago and i applied for sponsorship for my husband in Nov. I havent heard anything from immigration due to the holidays.

Now i am planning to visit my husband for few months and will come back. But because of this i have to quite my job. I have been working for around 5 months in my current job. The reference letter that i sent with spouse sponsor application was of my current job.

i was wondering if i quit my job and go back to visit my husband.
As I heard the person sponsoring their spouse should have a proper job before they start sponsor because immigration people do look at that.

So if I quit, are they gona give me hard time with application saying that I don?t have a job and I wont be able to support my husband once he is in Canada.
Hope I am clear now.

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you should be OK. but, remember... you are going to be financially responsible for him when he arrives in Canada so make sure you will be able to work when you get back. Can´t you take a leave of absence instead? if you did an outland application it may not take as long as you think!
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yeh unfortunatly i cant take leave unless something very serious happened than in that case they can give me 3 months off.

I am not too worried about later on cuz i AM planning on coming back and will start working right away.

What do you mean by "outland application" ???

Thanks once again Sharon for taking time out and replying to my concern.
I dont have any contact # or email id of immigration ppl who i can ask all these questions.

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Where did you send your application? Mississauga? If so, then you filed an outland application meaning that the paperwork is going to be processed outside of Canada. If you sent it to Vegreville, then you sent an inland application and your husband should be here with you while the application is in progress.

It takes around a month for you to get word if you are eligible to sponsor. After that, if you filed outland, the application is forwarded to the appropriate visa office that deals with your spouse´s country and they assess and make the decision. You would want to maintain your residency here in Canada, otherwise you need to prove that you intend to settle in Canada after the paperwork is processed.

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outland applications complete faster so hopefully your time away from home would not be significant. As Carrie suggests - make sure you maintain your Canadian residency while you are away through ongoing bills, mail box etc.

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Thanks Carrie and Sharon

Yes my application is outland and i´ve sent my application to Mississauga office.

Let see how long it takes before i hear from them so then i can take some decision.

once again thanks and btw you guys are doing an awsome job. :)

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