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Subject: Free Lawyer in Canada
Anyone knows if there is a free lawyer in Canada, perhaps someone who is beginnig the practice or so, or someone who would work for non-profit organization?


Lydmila Romanov
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Luda thi govorish po-russki? Gde thi zhiviesh? Napishi mne pozhaluista esli est vremya. Ya koneshno ni yurist. Poka...
american refuse
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Privet Luda,
Nothing comes free. You have to pay a price for any legal service except the free advice that people give u at this forum. This forum is the best place to ask any question related to application process, follow-ups, time lines or anything else that u get stuck at and get prompt reply. This forum is like New York City, A City that never sleeps. Tak, chto prvestvuem vas. Dobra pozhalovat.

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I am Russian but I barely speak Russian since I grew up elsewhere. :( Sorry.

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shame on you Luda
Citizenship and Estate matter (in reply to: Free Lawyer in Canada)
"CIC" Res. Hon. MIn. Sir, Joseph Volpe had already confirmed and proven that concerning officers and authorities had done substential errors in this case matter as and when. He had already given appleable justice and legitimately justifiable remarks to all concerning persons dated 25th May,2005.All we real, true, and rightful principal applicants citizenship rights and all lawful due and deserved rights held in abeyance to concerning officers and authorities hands since 1977 till 1987 and ther after. I had already submitted my late father Identity card Number and Manitoba Health Services Commission certificate number. I had already submitted all rightful applicants application dated 28th June, 2005. In this regards concerning officers and authorities reference i had all ready re-submitted all we rightful principal applicants applications along with all needed documents dated 10th, Auguest, 2005.
Already all we rightful principal applicants are rightful heirs of deceased Mr. Bhanubhai C. Gajjar has been determined and given absolute title to us effective from 12th Sep., 2005. But some how Legal Service and Public Trustee department concerning officer and authorities are not give honour to Canadian Country´s Act.

Mrs. Shilpa Gajjar
Swindle (in reply to: Free Lawyer in Canada)
I did the file with a representantive, who never presented it in the embassy. That cost me a lot of money. After a couple of month, I presented again the file, but it time, i was to the embassy, without reprentative. I hope that in a couple of month, i will be travelling to Canada. Well, I want to this woman pay by her actions. I call her every day, but she does not answer the phone. My question is: what I can to do??. Because, i dont have any paper signed by her. I only have her emails ( where she say to me about the papers, the money, etc ), and people ( my cousin, and my auncle ) who gave her the money and my file. She live in Canada, but she is Argentine.
Please assist and give legal advice me. (in reply to: Free Lawyer in Canada)
Respected Sir,
I want your advice and assistance regarding citizenship and real estate of my late father case matters in Canada. your request and regards i send to you all information regarding my case matters.

Yours Truly,

Mrs. Shilpa Gajjar.

Mrs. Shilpa Gajjar

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