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Subject: Inland or normal sponsor is better
Inland or normal sponsor is better/trouble free to sponsor some one from South Afirica(Pretoria).
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For starters here´s a bit of information on inland and "normal" sponsorship.

Inland sponsorship:

Inland sponsorship takes place in two stages. The first stage is Approval in Principle, basically CIC saying that there appears to be nothing wrong with the application and that the applicant looks to be eligible for permanent residence. Once Approval in Principle (AIP) is received the applicant is eligible to apply for a general work permit and in many provinces eligible to apply for provincial health coverage. AIP currently takes between 5-6 months to receive, once CIC has received the application. It takes roughly a month to receive a work permit after it has been applied for once AIP is received. The second stage of inland sponsorship is the actual approval of the permanent residence application. It can take anywhere from a few weeks/months to over a year for permanent residnce to be granted after AIP in principle is received. During that entire time, the applicant must maintain their legal status in Canada. If at anytime they aren´t considered to be legally in Canada they will no longer be eligible for inland sponsorship and the chance of their application be rejected is highly likely.

"Normal"/Outside sponsorship:

(Note: even if a person is living in Canada, they can chose to have their sponsorship application handled as if they were living outside Canada, the only draw back is if an interview is required they will need to make arrangements to attend it in the country in which their application is being processed.)

"Normal" sponsorship applications are handled by two different CIC branches. Applications are initially mailed to the Case Processing Centre (CPC) in Mississauga, Ontario. The Mississauga CPC is responsible for determining whether or not the sponsor is eligible to sponsor the applicant. If Mississauga approves the sponsorship, they forward the application to the visa office responsible for processing permanent residence application of the applicant (in your case it would be Pretoria) and inform the sponsor that they have been approved. Once the application reaches the visa office which will process the PR application, that office will send the application a letter, commonly known as Acknowledgement of Receipt (AOR). Once AOR is sent out the visa office begins processing the application. In Pretoria the current processing standards for spousal/common-law/conjugal partner applications are:

30% of cases finalized within 2 months
50% of cases finalized within 4 months
70% of cases finalized within 6 months
80% of cases finalized within 8 months

These times indicate the amount of time it took the visa office to approve or refuse the application.


Now that I´ve gotten that out of the way, in my opinion "normal"/outside sponsorship is better. First off, it is generally a lot faster then applying from inside Canada. In rougly the amount of time it takes to receive approval in principle and a work permit, a person being sponsored outside Canada can almost be completely finished with the process and on their way to receiving their permanent residence visa. Secondly, if for some reason they decide to deny/refuse the application - if the sponsorship application is being handled "outside" Canada the sponsor & applicant have the right to appeal the decision to the Immigration and Refugee Board. Thirdly, in most cases if the person enters Canada on a visitor visa before submitting their application they can remain in Canada and still have their application processed outside, so this way your loved one can be with you while they are waiting to receive word about their permanent residence application. The only bad thing about this, as I said earlier, is if an interview is required they will have to return to their home country to attend it. But if they chose to remain in that country the entire time the application is being processed that isn´t a factor.

I´m sorry if any of this is confusing and/or if I´m dropping alot of information on you at once. My husband and I just went through the whole sponsorship process (I´m American, he´s Canadian). I´ve been living in Canada with him since January 2004, but we decided to have the application handled as "outside" Canada and have it processed by the Regional Programme Centre in Buffalo, NY (since that is the visa office responsible for American applicants).

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Re : "Thirdly, in most cases if the person enters Canada on a visitor visa before submitting their application they can remain in Canada and still have their application processed outside, so this way your loved one can be with you while they are waiting to receive word about their permanent residence application."

In this case, I have to extend my wife´s visitor´s visa till I here from the Pretoria office for interview; Correct ? So, my question is, should I mention in the application that I´m extending the visitor´s visa because I´m married to her(in Canada) and the PR application is in process in Pretoria! Will they extend her visa ? or She´ll be forced back to South Afirica and wait for the result!!!

Many thanks for your help and information.

- Henry

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Yes, your wife does need to apply to have her visitor´s visa extended. She´ll need it extended until she receives her permanent residence visa and officially lands.

My best recommendation when you apply for the extension is to tell them that you´re asking for it to be extended so she can remain living in Canada with you until her permanent residence application is finished being processed. I would include a copy of your sponsorship approval letter from Mississauga, her Acknowledgement of Receipt from Pretoria and any other correspondence you have received from CIC regarding her PR application; as well as a copy of your marriage certificate, a letter from your employer (stating how long you´ve worked for them, the number of hours per week you work on average, and your current rate of pay), and a letter from yourself stating that you agree to financially support her during her stay in Canada.

I don´t know for sure whether or not they will grant the extension. It depends on each individual case, as well as the judgement of the person who process the application. However, I can´t see why they wouldn´t grant her it.

I´m sorry I can´t tell you with 100% certainty what CIC´s decision will be.

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My suggestion is : bring your wife on visitor´s visa but apply from outside Canada. In land cases take much longer.
The advantage of an inland case could be that within 6 months or 5 you get the AIP which will allow you to apply for your work permit, but to get the final desicion gets longer and you can´t leave the country to visit your family.

Honey boney

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