What has africa done wrong?

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Subject: What has africa done wrong?
  I am a nigeria and canada has always been my dream country.i have always had great passion and love that that country.I dont want to believe that canadians are racist like people from the USA.Y are we denied visa?Is it because we are blacks and looking for greener life in other country?

Will i ever fulfill my dream of living in canada?

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What about the poor country that gave you life? Do you love her? Or is the poverty of Nigeria makes it beneath dignity. What have you done in terms of achievements to deserve to live in Canada? This white and black is an age-old thing. Porjecting it on a grand scale is probably not warranted at this time. I know scores of white women in the US who go looking for black men for lovers! So it is not all that bad. It is your burden to show how you can benefit Canada, if you want to move there! Not how you would like to benefit from Canada. Don´t tell us you have miraculously fallen in love with a country! Doesn´t make sense. Do you think there is anyway you could make life better for yourself and some of your neighbors in Nigeria? It is a good start!!!!!
american refuse
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I have a good education and i great skill,so i know that i can give more to canada too.Am sorry if i said my interest to canada in the wrong way.Pls forgive me.
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why do you say Canada will not give you a visa?
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The consulate finds it very difficult in giving visa to us for a reason that i dont know.
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Hey buddy::
If Canada is your dream country..go for it. Don´t heed the words of American Refuse. He or she is just an idiot nobody likes in this forum. His/her inputs are just negative towards people.

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I never intend in givng up my hopes for canada.thanks
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dear constant... are you trying to get a visitors visa or a skilled worker immigration PR?

CIC is blind to colour,religion and political opinions. Notice, there are no such questions on the appliation. Either you have the points or you do not.

as for visitors visa... that is a totally different story.

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The embassy finds it difficult giving visas to applicants that are not able to convince visa officials beyond all doubt, that they will come back to their country. The onus is on you to prove your case.
Same goes for most embassies including Nigerian embassy in Canada!
Go ahead and pursue your dream to live in Canada or anywhere else, we are all citizens of the World.
I am also a Nigerian and presently working with an international oil company. I have had good exposure and can live or work in any part of the World from the cold regions of Northern Canada, through the very corrupt government of African countries down to the very hot areas of the middle east.
You have one life to live, keep trying until it works but make sure you follow the rules.
There are many ways to get to Canada; Work permit, studies, marriage, skilled worker application, etc. There is an avenue for everybody, it´s up to you to explore!

Good luck

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