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Hi American refuse: If you have nothing positive to say you better get out of this forum. Your inputs are not just based in your lack of knwoledge but reflect the kind of values we don´t put up with in Canada.
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Reality is hard, ain´t it? I hope you aren´t telling anyone that Canada suddenly became a global something, I hope! Get a grip. Be real.
american refuse
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I think freedom of speech should let everybody say what´s their view. Once again, because I don´t have those rights before since I moved to Canada, it´s such important that we should respect of each other´s rights. If there is only one voice, do you like it?

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Of course everybody has freedom of speech but when you offend other people with your remarks your freedom is over.
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American Refuse is coooool. Even though he said he pissed on my home town of Dallas, I didn´t get pissed off. Just laughed, and took it in stride. He´s very insightful and is brutally honest. People, just try to get a thick skin on things that you may not agree with. Canada isn´t all everyone hopes it is and he´s just letting you know...

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I get what you say Mr. Texas but he is not correct or he is misinformed. We all know Canada is not about hopes and dreams.The whole world is not about hopes and dreams: Your country is the living example of tha with poor democrat people having to put up with your ignorant president and all the buch of Neo Christians who voted for him. The saddest part of that is that the most uneducated american states voted for that piece of crap.
I wish American Refuse good luck in Canada because if he doesn´t become more polite he´s not going to have a good time here. And let me tell you that canadians are usually polite but when it comes to an american offending them..UUUUUU...I just wish you good luck!!!!

For Texas -::

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