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Subject: Money order incashed
  I wanna share my exprience about PR apply at Buffalo office.

I applied all my package at the end of Nov 04.My friends told me I could check with my bank and see if the 550dollars money order is cashed, If so, it means your application was accepted and may not be return.

After I checked with my branch. That money order was cashed out on Dec 06 2004, which is just about 1 week after they received it.

I just wonder that if your money order was cashed, is that mean your application was accepted and in process rather than return with everything.

It´s Jan12 05. I heard some people wait about 3 month to get File number at Buffalo office, for me, I don´t think I should be hurry.

Anybody wanna share this experience?

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Normally the AOR comes about 4-6 weeks from the date you file your application (Buffalo Cases). This might have been delayed due to the holiday season. Keep spirits high; you should be recieving your AOR soon.
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